02 Mar

Introduction to my Blog - covering my journey from QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy), via BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), to Find the Light Rebecca Barron.  It will, in future Blogs also cover mine, as well as my clients' (with their permission) experiences, wisdoms and understandings, as done through my facilitated guidance in their sessions, as we explore consciousness and find the answers they seek.

Looking back, I can now see that I have always been very intuitive and listening to my inner guidance but, as with most of us, as we grow up, we gradually override our hearts more and more to become what is expected of us to live that 'normal life'. Likewise, most of us eventually start to feel like there’s ‘something’ missing, like there must be more than this, right? And that's when we start searching, if we're not too busy, that is. For others, a major life event stops our busyness in its tracks, where we have had no choice, but to look within. That is what happened to me. 

It then took quite a while to get me there, and it a fairly long time to get back to myself. 

That was when I realized that the physical effects that we are presented with are most often initiated from our mental and/or emotional selves. While treatment can involve physical efforts, unless the mental/emotional side is addressed, it will never be truly resolved. Maybe eased, but never resolved. 

Sometimes it takes more than one major life event to propel us into delving in even deeper... and yes, that happened to me, too. This time affecting one of my children, and for those of you who have a child, or children, I don't have to tell you to what lengths you will go to for them. In the pursuit to find answers to help my child, Dolores Cannon's work presented itself to me, through what I am certain was Divine intervention. It was initially hard to believe, but at the same time, it made so much sense and by this point in time, I was trusting what I felt. 

If you are unfamiliar with Dolores Cannon's work, it is worth investigating, she led a fascinating life! In brief, what started as her assisting her husband in his hypnosis business in the 1960s, focusing on averting bad habits, eventually became her legacy. In 1968, They happened upon a client that went deeper than most, specifically back to the remembrance of five lives. Dolores knew that they had tapped into something big, and this became her lifelong passion. 

She developed her own distinctive style of hypnosis, branding it QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Using this unique technique, she helped a multitude of people, and wrote many books. The books spanned nearly 50 years and were based on the information and knowledge that had come through in these incredible sessions from, what she deemed as the subconscious. Her legacy included teaching her method to many others and increasing the assistance offered… which brings me to the next influential person in my life. 

One of her students, Candace Craw-Goldman, became more of a protégé: creating and helping Dolores' students in forum support groups, assisting her in teaching live classes, organizing practitioner reunions, and helping Dolores develop her Level 3 program. 

After Dolores' passing in 2014, her heirs created many changes and eventually Candace parted ways and became an independent QHHT practitioner. Within a year or so, she was prompted to expand her practice with her intuitive guidance and discovered that the same results can be experienced through on-line sessions - both of which were not permitted by QHHT. So, Candace developed BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing, and offered classes virtually at the exact point in time when I determined that I wanted to learn a Quantum Healing Technique. I liked the flexibility of BQH and started the course in July 2018, when the stars aligned, completing it a few months later. 

I began by trading sessions with fellow students, then practicing with friends and acquaintances. Right off the bat, I marveled at the level of wisdom and understanding that was received, and insights that were gained by my clients. That amazement still continues to this day, and I expect that it will never end, but I still wasn’t publicly offering my services.

About this same time, I discovered a blog called Find the Light by Rebecca Barron, once again, I’m certain it was no accident! Her blogs were describing details about her Journeying into and through her consciousness. These took her anywhere; from into the vast cosmos, to underground on Earth, some done for information, but mostly taken to help people at a loss to find the source of their own troubles. 

While these incredible journeys were beyond what my limited mind seemed to be able to conceive at the time, they were very much in alignment with what Dolores describes in her books, of the information and knowledge that had come through the subconscious in her clients' sessions. 

I quietly observed and, over time the blogs changed to vlogs as Rebecca was learning so much through her clients’ sessions. She learnt about the dynamics of our expression and existence within this matrix, how consciousness works, and she continually shared her updated findings via her YouTube channel. So much so, that by Autumn of 2020, due to increasing censorship through public channels, she created a Patreon account to share her findings and offer more availability to her information, than just one on one sessions. 

I felt drawn to supporting this wonderful being who had helped me piece together all that I had recently learned about myself and the workings of life in general. It was then that I learned how impactfully Dolores Cannon had played a role in her life, too. She had also been a student of Dolores and it was practicing QHHT that had opened her up to more of her gifts and abilities. 

Rebecca now no longer needed any other process than her own and she could ‘see’ beyond what the eyes could see. She has helped many people in private sessions, including myself, so I can personally attest to her adept abilities. In my first session with her, Dolores herself came through with empowering guidance for both of us. This was unusual for Rebecca, as she is not specifically a medium, but rather sees beyond the matrix and thereby encompassing so much more. She said that she hadn’t ‘seen’ Dolores since she had finished her QHHT training, except when she had come to her after passing and encouraged her to start blogging about her journeys and added that she “had forgotten how abrupt and to the point Dolores was!” 

Early in 2021, Rebecca created a course to teach others her method, to understand and realize that everyone has access to their own consciousness and beyond. I leapt at the chance to expand my awareness and compliment the BQH process and signed up. It turned out that there were more layers of healing to be completed, and under instruction, I could easily tune into myself, locate beliefs and blocks, understand when they initially came about and why, release them, love, and ultimately forgive and hold gratitude for myself and any others involved in my experiences. 

It was a privilege to be able to practice with classmates and help them see something that they couldn’t see within themselves with this process. Rebecca’s well-developed abilities, assisted us, as she could easily see to validate our ‘journeys’, thus building trust and confidence in our own abilities. It was a truly amazing experience! 

In the latter half of the year, Rebecca began her Level 2 course, which involved more practice on myself and classmates under her mentorship. After another astounding experience, I realized that I wanted to offer my services to more than just friends and acquaintances. I am ever so grateful to Rebecca for listening to her heart and sharing her gifts with the world. I sincerely hope to continue the ripple effect of this initial drop of consciousness that affected all our lives by the one known as 'Dolores Cannon'. 

The last, but surely not the least most influential thing in my life (within the same time-frame), is the book, A Course in Miracles. It fell into alignment with all the above-mentioned information and understandings. If you are unfamiliar with the book, it is a channeled work by the one most known as ‘Jesus’, through scribe Helen Schucman (from 1965 through to 1968). Basically it is a ‘guidebook’ to navigating this inverted matrix, by first deprogramming the beliefs which we have taken on as our own, or created from misunderstanding. 

It addresses our reprogramming in understanding and knowing our true selves within the true reality, which then leads to true vision. True vision is seeing the world as it truly is as; an illusion, a dream, a play, that we are all taking part in – that it is all happening ‘for’ us, not ‘to’ us. Just like in a dream, it can seem very real but it cannot hurt who and what we truly are… eternal consciousness. 

We are the powerful creators and like our creator, we are always creating, whether unconsciously or consciously, the latter clearly being the best way. 

The 'connectedness' that is weaved through all these influences has expanded my consciousness and inspired me deeply, it is all so fascinating, although not surprising at all! Nothing surprises me much anymore, I guess because I now know that Nothing is Impossible!

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