Tranquil Journey with Jeanie

Combining Quantum Healing Hypnosis with the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Having been on a healing journey for quite a while now, I am at a point where I would love to share what I've learned with others that are open to discovering more about who and what they truly are.

One of the best ways that I've found to start, or enhance your journey at any point, is to get the analytical mind to sit back and relax, allowing more ease in accessing one's subconscious, what some refer to as the Higher Self, Holy Spirit, etc. Whatever you call it, it's the part of us that can see the bigger picture and guide us accordingly. One can do this themselves with meditation, but so many of us have a hard time, whether quieting our 'monkey mind' long enough, or just can't find the time, or don't really know how to even begin. It's just not part of our education, like it should be. In fact, it has been deliberately omitted and hidden from us, but it is time for this to change, and it begins with us.

This is where BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing, can be very beneficial. It's like a jump start to the feeling and sense of inner peace, which allows one's inner wisdom to flow effortlessly. It also builds a sense of trust in the everyday guidance that is always available to us in that peaceful presence. The process is essentially like a trusted friend holding your hand, helping ease your body and mind into such a state of relaxation that accessing your subconscious becomes very simple.  This is when you will be shown imagery, sensations and/or feelings that pertain to your intention for the session. what you desire to know, and/or what you need to know to gain clarity and understanding with any issues affecting you in this lifetime.

My role as facilitator, in addition to helping you get to this relaxed state, is to guide you gently through the scenes and/or feelings you are presented with, requesting more details to expand your experience, inquiring on your behalf and asking the questions you wish to ask, initiating any self healing that your subconscious permits, and finally, guiding you back to the present, here and now, with new found clarity and a sense of expansion in consciousness.

I feel that most people would want to know what is the uniqueness that I can bring to their BQH session, when there are so many options available.

I have received feedback from my clients' sessions and many others, that I have a very calming presence and that they feel very loved and cared for during the process of a session. This warms my heart in gratitude, that my natural inclination is so well perceived and received, as I am aware that I carry a deep peace within me.

I do have a strong connection to Source, my Soul, and my Higher Self, and feel that this is what allows me to best assist and serve. I also believe that assistance should be accessible and affordable to everyone, while at the same time a fair exchange for time and services rendered.
A reflection of that can be seen in the set fees, very reasonable in like comparison. Consider it an investment in self, a most wise investment, indeed.

Besides my certification by Candace Craw-Goldman to be a Practitioner of Beyond Quantum Healing in September 2018 and my prior successful sessions, I have also been a practitioner of A Course in Miracles since January 2019, and have continued training in many courses of my consciousness expansion. Most recently and most notably, Course 1, 2, & 3 of Find The Light under the mentorship of Rebecca Barron, 2021-2023. And currently featured as an approved practitioner amongst the first few graduates of the Courses of Find The Light.

I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to study with these mentors, and now have the opportunity to carry on the ripple effect of Dolores Cannon (our mentor beyond the veil), in the exploration and understanding of consciousness.*

*For more details about the above-mentioned, please refer to my first blog posting. 
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 i had no idea what to expect when i arranged my first session with Jeanie and was feeling pretty terrified. however i was drawn to the experience and decided to follow my intuition. i was instantly reassured as we chatted before the session. Jeanie was so calm and patient and created a beautiful safe environment which allowed me to journey inwards to a very deep place. i connected to my higher energies in a way i had never been able to by myself, and brought back information from six different past lives! these experiences and rememberings all helped to enlighten me about myself and the situation i was in at the time. it was a deeply profound experience and all the more empowering knowing that the information was coming from myself. Jeanie with her beautiful heart, full of loving kindness, guided me expertly through the session and helped me get the very most out of it. i have been lucky enough to have two sessions with Jeanie. for the second one my intention was to revisit a traumatic incident which had happened years before. i was able to relive and remember details from that day as well as connect to emotions which i had suppressed and had became trapped in my body. the many tears that flowed released those emotions and brought with them a fresh understanding of that experience. once again Jeanie had facilitated a very powerful healing experience while keeping me safe and protected in her beautiful energies. i feel very blessed to have had these experiences and i'm excited for anyone who is similarly drawn to Jeanie to help empower and heal themselves. my words won't adequately express the love and admiration i have for Jeanie and the work she is doing. it's such a beautiful gift to share – here's hoping you will discover this treasure for yourself. thank you for everything Jeanie. 

Neil, London, UK

 As someone who has spent the past 28 years, seeking to understand consciousness and expand my own - no matter what it takes! I am very grateful that I found Jeanie Zak. I seldom trust anyone to work with me anymore and am very sceptical of any New Agey techniques. However, Jeanie is a breath of fresh air and an absolute joy to work with, she instills a trust that I have never encountered before. Although my session was based on my intent and determination, I understood that it was also part of my Higher Self's plan for me as to what I experienced. Jeanie's gentle yet firm guidance, pertinent and exploratory questioning, kept me on track and focused whilst still allowing the sensory and informational downloads I was receiving. Her unique vision and understanding of how to guide and lead me, led me to access the deepest parts of my subconscious, beyond my structured thinking and personality self. She listened to me with her heart and clearly understood what I wanted from my session, yet all the while trusting that my own Soul (Higher Consciousness) also knew what I needed to know. I gained great understanding and extra-ordinary knowledge about myself, my stream of consciousness, where I come from, what I am connected to. I have a greater trust of my inner wisdom, guidances, and my Self in working toward the new High Frequency Paradigm I wish to embody at this time. 

Rose A, South Africa

 When Becky announced and opened the door to students’ practitioners, I jumped at the chance, since I am a firm believer in learning via apprenticeship and mentorship. No one heals alone as the saying goes, and having had sessions with both Totto and Becky and taking classes as well, the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with advanced students was a true gift. Jeanie was very professional and kind since our first communications, in regards to scheduling and very prompt in responding once the session was booked, we discussed intention for the session and had a nice chat before and after the healing. One does not usually know what is going to subphrase during a session, and in my case, a few past lives came into focus, very moving and tender session and I am still working through the images. Jeanie’s soft voice allows for deep relaxation. She truly takes her time and the three-hour session flew by. I am very grateful to Jeanie and it is my hope that the Find the Light Rb Community continues to serve as a platform for many a healer in the coming months 

Adriana, Costa Rica

 I had a session with Jeanie and I came away feeling awed, more confident, and relaxed within. The relaxation that I experienced was quite profound. Still feeling happy to have experienced snippets of those previous lives. To hear it from others is one thing, but to experience and know it is more than just a theory is just another level of awesomeness! Thank you, Jeanie, that session was good and powerful medicine! I feel somehow subtly transformed, ongoing still, too. 

Robyn, NZ

 I had a journeying session with the lovely Jeanie. I felt at ease instantly, her soft soothing voice escorted me into an extremely relaxed state. She has such a wonderful way of creating the feelings of nurturing and support whilst allowing me to fully express myself throughout the entire experience. I was able to completely relinquish my anxieties and let go of the daily pressures in order to delve deeply into my inner world. The insights that I experienced were profound and incredibly healing. I would very much recommend a session with her and I will certainly be booking in for further healing work. I feel I can trust her and that she can hold space with me. 

Natasha D, UK

 Wonderfully insightful and helpful. I have had enormous difficulty dealing with stress and depression, which has led to extreme anxiety and the symptoms which come from that. This is an old condition for me, it has bordered on extreme and dangerous, and irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Jeanie not only gave me support and light in my journey back, but was also there disciplined in her care towards me, gently guiding and giving me the tools to not only deal with the pain, but also reconcile with its meaning. Working with Jeanie (remotely) gave me the mechanisms to work through my negativity day to day. Even writing this review puts me back on the path where fear is replaced by strength. I can’t thank this wonderful lady enough. She is simply the best, most caring, decent and supportive of people. 

Keith T, UK

 Had an absolutely amazing and mind opening session with Jeanie. Felt at ease and comfortable straight away, and was given the time and space to go at my own pace in order to allow whatever I needed to hear and see come through. Thank you again, Jeanie. 

Jimmie D, UK

 Jeanie is pure LOVE. I was privileged to have a session with her and I couldn't chose a better practitioner. Amazing stuff came out and her energy is so loving and nurturing and her voice is so calming. I'm so grateful to her and to God who sent her into my life. I highly recommend her services. 

Tanja S, Serbia

 I had a few sessions with Jeanie. Her character matches perfectly with BQH. She is very gentle in nature and her voice is soothing. Jeanie has a big heart, she is very kind and generous. I would definitely recommend Jeanie to anyone, especially first timers, as Jeanie’s soft nature will make you feel comfortable. 

Devada F, Vietnam

 If you want that feeling of I’m going to get something out of this experience, then I recommend Jeanie! Being so comfortable, I was able to bring up a game changer moment. A knowing of what I remembered was pivotal. Gives me confidence today. Thanks, so grateful. 

Kim B, USA
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