21 Jan


After I created my website, I thought I could just sit back and wait for requests for sessions to come in… apparently, it doesn’t work like this. I’m told there are many algorithms involved on the internet, which takes time and energy to build up. Posting more blogs, videos, and links to social media moves things along quicker, but with trying to help support my family now, that was not quick enough. So a job search continued, only by means of a local search engine of my only requirements, no mask and no vax. Of course, as with the Universe, it doesn’t recognize the negative particle before a word, just the word, so I was receiving just the opposite of what I wanted. So much so that deleting the search altogether was on top of my to do list. Fortunately, I did not take the opportunity to do so before one came through matching my criteria, a chiropractic assistant at a local practice. I immediately applied confidently with a knowingness that this job was for me, and shortly thereafter was interviewed for the position. Still knowing in my heart this job was for me, the interview only solidified this more, and to my delight, I was offered the job within days.

It had been quite awhile since I had had to learn anything technical, not since my banking days back in BC, Before Children. There was a lot of learning to be done in many aspects of the job, at first very overwhelming, but soon grasped very well with the caring support, patience, and encouragement of my colleague teaching me, as well as the chiropractor’s. That was in May 2022, and within months I was very comfortable with all aspects of the job, and it is such a joy to work with people that have such a similar frequency. Even the mission of the practice is in alignment! It is to assist people in releasing blockages in their spine, so that the body’s innate intelligence can freely flow through the nervous system encased within the spine. This allows it to send messages where they need to go, so the body can function as intended, and heal itself where needed. Also, the practice members focus on wellness, not only helps them with physical health, but with mental health, as well, so they are just happy people, from newborn to 99+! Working with and assisting healthy, happy people is such a blessing!

So this had been where my attention had gone for the last several months, until Course 3 was finally offered (reference my first blog to know what exactly I’m referring to), starting the beginning of October 2022, on Fridays… I have off on Fridays! But where would I come up with the extra money to cover the cost? I pressed the sign up button anyway in a leap of faith… that week I was given a raise, unsolicited and totally unexpected, and sincerely appreciated on many levels! In Course 3, I initially focused on my own intuitive and journeying skills, as I questioned my future trajectory… Would I now be going in the direction of assisting more in chiropractic? Would the Beyond Quantum Healing direction fade? Could they be combined? I soon came to realize that wanting to see intuitively for others on my own right now is not my strong point, and what my gift is, seemingly, is that I provide a safe, secure, non-judgmental space energetically, while relaxing your mind and body enough to get past any busy mental mind or resistance, which allows your Higher Self to freely come in to show you areas that need attention, that have been veiled to you consciously. This brings in clarity, understanding, and ultimately, acceptance and forgiveness for people, situations, and yourself. Judgment of the aforementioned, has caused disharmony within yourself, and forgiveness, releasing judgment, enhances a sense of the bigger picture, that we are all playing out roles for each other, reflecting what is within us… to be seen as an opportunity, a blessing to be thankful for.

I believe it is much more powerful than ‘seeing’ something myself, interpreting it, and relaying it to you. Having paired with many during these months of Course 3 who allowed me the honor of facilitating sessions for them, and Becky giving amazing insight into the process, I see this now. I embrace it fully, and know that whatever comes in a session for a client, is just what they need at this moment in time. And although their intention for the session is very, very important, we can not always know what to expect, and certainly not judge it. There is much we do not know while we are here for a bit experiencing these current lives, but with open minds, we can get a closer glimpse!

I am happy that I can still offer sessions on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays, while still enjoying my employment as a chiropractic assistant. And if you are interested in this particular type of chiropractic, it is called the Torque Release Method. I hope more and more wellness facilities gain footage, as the allopathic ‘sickness’ facilities fade away. Thank you for reading!

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